3D Printed Custom Multi-Colored Glow-in-the-Dark QR Codes

Infuse your brand with a touch of innovation! Explore our 3D Printed Custom Multi-Colored Glow-in-the-Dark QR Codes—an artful blend of creativity and functionality. Crafted precisely for your brand, these codes not only add a personalized touch to your space but also serve as unique branding elements for packaging, marketing, and beyond. Choose your colors, customize the design, and let the ambient glow guide the way. Elevate your brand aesthetics with our Custom Glow-in-the-Dark QR Codes. 🎨🌌 #BrandInnovation #CustomDesign #GlowInTheDarkBranding #MarketingInnovation
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We take price in our quality and service


Great seller, was able to negotiate pricing with me. shirt came quick and was as pictured!


Great packaging !!


Great packing clean item arrived safely and intact.


Super friendly and very reliable! Highly recommended.

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